We’re Changing Market Research As You Know It


Salesforce did it with CRM. Uber did it with ground transportation. AirBnB did it with short-term rentals.

Now our company, Askem, is using technology to democratize – and revolutionize – market research. We’re taking a service-oriented industry and making it a more accessible one, so that any company, whether it’s a Fortune 500 brand or a startup, can reach the audiences they want and get the insights they need.

Starting with the most difficult part – getting people to give you insights – Askem borrows from another industry to improve our own. Guided by an advertising mindset, and using the invaluable information social media has to offer, we built Askem to be a data-focused market research software company.

And that’s allowing us to do some big things. We’re making the impossible possible: finding hyper-targeted audiences in statistically significant numbers. We’re improving what has become a stagnant industry, making online market research simpler for everyone involved. Finally, this is market research that you can run yourself.

Here’s how we’re changing market research as you know it:

  1. We let you take control of your research. We’re making it fast and easy to run. Just pick your audience and ask your questions. With our programmatic approach, you can get insights in a few hours.
  2. We find the responders you need. Askem uses advertising on social to get responses for surveys. Utilizing Facebook’s proven advertising technologies, we make it possible for companies to reach hyper-targeted audiences.
  3. We deliver research you can trust. We aren’t incentivizing people to answer the surveys. We’re also not reaching the same “serial responders” – who simply like answering surveys – over and over again. Instead, we’re reaching people who are engaged with a brand and genuinely interested in giving their opinions about it. No incentive means no bias. And as a bonus, we are getting that brand’s message in front of a lot of interested people. When did you last get insights from a potential customer?
  4. We connect behavioral data with survey data. We’re the only company that can target based on annual income, job function, marital status, etc. And because of that, there’s no need to waste questions on profiling information. This is hugely important because as one recent study found, the maximum length of time millennials will spend on a survey is 12 minutes. (And in case you haven’t heard, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.)


For too long, conventional wisdom has been that market research is too expensive and too cumbersome. So the culture developed of just trying things out, seeing what works and what doesn’t, then course-correcting in real time. Recently, Peter Minnium, president of Ipsos Connect, argued powerfully against this do-learn approach. We agree. Every company needs to know what their customers are thinking, everyone needs to test before they do, and brand managers should stop wondering and start asking. So what if we tell you that it’s possible to easily get the insights you need before you even launch a campaign or new pricing or redesign or anything else – so you can learn, and then do?

Because with Askem, you can. We’re making the impossible possible.

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